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INSPIRE Project: 2023 in Retrospect and Future Potentials

Inspire-Europe team. Photo: EXIT Photo Team
Inspire-Europe team. Photo: EXIT Photo Team

The INSPIRE project set sails on its magnificent voyage at the end of May 2023. In the early months of 2024, we might as well temporarily dock the ship for a moment of reflection, appreciating the accomplishments and highlights of the past year, while eagerly anticipating the promising developments that 2024 holds in store for us.

The quest began with a highly successful kick-off convention on June 27th-28th, 2023, in Ostend, where all partners came together for the first time. On that occasion, we collectively defined the mission objectives, laying the blueprint for effective communication and seamless coordination throughout its entire duration.

It was the perfect opportunity to meet in person and more effectively share our expertise, ideas, and express our concerns and hopes for the four years of the project. The pivotal moments were captured in a 3-minute short film, released in December, revealing the INSPIRE core principles.

Over the summer break and last months of 2023, we embarked on effort structuring, fine-tuning the communication channels, and introducing the INSPIRE website to the world, thus activating the use cases, revitalising contacts from the proposal phase, and establishing clear communication lines and workflows, these being but a few of our priorities.

We carried out sessions with the partners involved in each demo site and project task, enabling us to incorporate all their needs and goals and guarantee their alignment with themselves and with the INSPIRE mission and values. Furthermore, the meticulously crafted protocols and guidelines would ensure the high quality of the data that will be generated.

Inspire-Europe team. Photo: EXIT Photo Team
Inspire-Europe team. Photo: EXIT Photo Team

The project has made noteworthy appearances at high-profile events such as the TBMCE Conference, COP23 side-event, EcoMondo Expo 2023, and Blue Mission BANOS.

Gert Everaert: “The INSPIRE Consortium is a solid team of experts. I enjoy the respectful and solution-oriented interactions between the researchers, river managers, and innovators. Together we will contribute to the EU mission of restoring our ocean and waters.

Looking forward to 2024

  • We will initiate the observation of baseline pollution levels, accompanied by comprehensive training to ensure precise and effective observations.
  • In the realm of circular solutions and plastic waste prevention, the first biodegradable materials being developed under this project will be produced and tested in diverse applications.
  • We anticipate the initial phase for the deployment of plastic collection technologies.
  • And finally, we await in excitement the launch of the call for financial support for third parties. This crucial step will pave the way for the scaling up and replication of the innovative solutions tested and proven successful within the INSPIRE project.

The INSPIRE project eagerly progresses forward, poised to carry the momentum gained in 2023 into the promising expanse in 2024, steadfastly building upon the achievements of the past year.

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