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The Danube River


General Description

The domestic wastewater (also referred as grey water) and stormwater (rainwater and other surface runoffs) from the Fetești city are collected and mixed before the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Fetesti. The treated effluent of the Fetești WWTP is discharged into the emissary, the Danube River at the Borcea “Arm”. The Fetesti WWTP has an average annual flow of 6049 m3/day, being equipped to perform a tertiary treatment of the combined influent for 46533 p.e. and rainwater collected from the surface of Fetesti City (100 km2 partially equipped). The technological flow includes mechanical treatment for removal of suspended matter and solids from wastewater, biological treatment including dephosphorization, nitrification-denitrification, and thickening and dehydration of the resulting sludge.

At the Fetesti WWTP and at the highway detention tank system and/or discharge pipes, INSPIRE will concentrate on capturing and gathering plastic debris from grey water and/or stormwater. This will involve the utilization of the EcoPlex Microplastic Remover and the Super-TW-Net filter, with the goal of capturing miroplastics and tire particulates.

At ELCEN company’s Thermo Power Plant, the Archimedean Drum Screw will be deployed to eliminate both macro-and microplastics from the water intake structures used for industrial cooling purposes.


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