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Archimedean Drum Screw

General Description

The fish friendly Archimedean drum screen is a variant design of the infamous Archimedes’ screw – a slowly rotating screw that transports water.

To provide a uniform outflow, there is a screw surface installed on the inner cylinder of the screen.

The outer drum is made of a stainless-steel mesh which functions to capture debris and litter and lets the filtered water sift through.

For optimum functioning of the system there needs to be a flow of water inside the system. Hence, the system itself is modularly designed so a connection, for example, to an axial pump to create flow is possible.

Ultimately, the technology works as a screen allowing 90% of the filtered water flow to pass through while catching (plastic) debris and floating vegetation.

What makes the screen unique is that it is completely fish friendly, so the collection of waste doesn’t come at the cost of the local fish species, which exit the screen through a special outlet.

INSPIRE partner responsible for implementation:

FFI, FishFlow Innovations

The Netherlands

Fish Flow
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