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Marine LitterWatch App

General Description

The EEA Marine LitterWatch app allows to monitor beach and riverbank macrolitter by organizing community clean-up events with citizen scientists. Events are set up by the community coordinator and an event code is provided to users. Communities refer to specific locations for identification of beaches and riverbanks. Users are recommended to join a local community in their areas and can start a monitoring survey by login in the app and using an event code. Performing independent surveys is also possible. However, to submit your data to the EEA data portal, you need an event code.

During the survey, each user has to follow indications given by the community coordinator. In the App guide it describes the following: ‘Register the litter items by typing the number of items you find during your survey, or pressing the „+“ and „-“. The list can be scrolled up and down. The items are organized by type of material. The survey list shows the top 20 items found in Europe´s beaches or in your community. You can add items from the full MLW list (green circle). You can also search for an item by typing its name in the search field.

The app has been converted to a web app available at:

The current version of the app uses the EU Master List of Litter Categories (G codes) from 2013. The list will be updated to the new EU Joint List of Litter Categories during 2024.

To access all features in the app and the data portal, users must be registered and logged in their profiles.

INSPIRE partner responsible for implementation:

UCA, University of Cádiz


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